SasS Applications and System Maintenance

We can build you a SasS, any SasS – we put the ass is SasS. Oh come on, we had to! You were thinking it yourself, we know you were.

Nobilitix is a company specializing in creating unique and innovative Software as a Service systems for our clients – our solutions are personalized, customizable and easily integrate with on-premiss existing software. We create both Vertical and Horizontal SasS systems, making out solutions suitable for both specific industries and focused software category industries. Simply said – we’ll build you exactly what you need without messing up what you already have (and afterwards, we’ll even do the maintenance for you).

Our Process

SaaS applications are web-based hosted software solutions that provide the optimal solution to almost every sector of any industry – you can be the CEO of a giant corporation, or an HR manager, or a hairdresser in a tiny town smack in the middle of suburbia – our SasS applications will suit your every need. That’s simply the nature of SaaS – it fits everyone.

So, how does this work and how can Nobilitix do it for you?

Well, after our initial meeting and Specifications and all that good stuff you’ll get your SaaS, and here’s what you need to know about what we’re doing for you:

6 main elements:


It’s a Cloud Solution

Our SaaS applications have no physical need to “sit” on your devices, and they are build to meet your specific needs while maintaining the highest levels of security protocols.



Our solutions are easy to configure and customize, making each parameter and each set of functionality configurations simple to “fit” your particular needs. Just like traditional enterprise software – each user can configure specific sets of the software based on needs and permissions.


Always Updated

SasS solutions are great for this particular reason simply because they are continuously kept up-to-date while not affecting you (the customer). Think about it like this – you buy an iBuy 11 Pro and the next month the new iBuy 12 hits the shelves, and you rush to get the new features and updates. Sounds familiar right? SasS doesn’t work that way because it’s not a physical “thing” – you get it, and it keeps evolving regardless of your hardware – it gets better with age (damn, we should have used the wine analogy here!).


Open Integration

Good SasS solutions offer integration protocols for other technologies based on your company’s needs. Does your company use a Dropbox, Twillio or pretty much anything else? Exactly – we integrate our SasS with everything to make it work seamlessly with what you already have.



Users can easily collaborate and share tasks or documents with other users and/or teams. Just like social media for your workflow (but like you know…nice social media, not nasty) – the ability to create a system that collaborates with your entire team is a necessity.



When data is stored elsewhere it always creates security issues, which is natural. We deliver the highest level of security and information security available, especially since it is regularly being updated and kept up-to-date with the latest protocols. Your data is safe at all times.

Other Services

Building an International / Domestic Development Team

At Nobilitix we firmly believe that clients should be able to maintain their own project when the times comes.

We are interested in developing projects that interest our team and keeps us on our toes (from a technological point of view) – we don’t like the idea of “collecting” projects for infinite periods of time.

So, while we are very happy to provide support and maintenance for as long as it is required, we are also very supportive when the time comes to build a specific team for our clients and set them free.

Cloud Based Project Development
with / without IoT

Have you ever needed hardware to communicate with software but they just didn’t play nice together? Yeah…that happens.

Internet of Things devices have sensors and software that enable the gathering and exchange of data via the internet – IoT objects can be controlled remotely to allow direct integration with computer systems, resulting in improved efficiency for users.

However, you really need to know what the heck you’re doing to make this voodoo work – luckily, we do.

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