Building an International / Domestic Development Team

The time has come for you to find your independence and leave the nest – you can take control of your own project.

At Nobilitix we firmly believe that clients should be able to maintain their own projects when the time comes. We are interested in developing projects that interest our team and keeps us on our toes (from a technological point of view) – we don’t like the idea of “collecting” projects for infinite periods of time. So, while we are very happy to provide support and maintenance for as long as it is required, we are also very supportive when the time comes to build a specific team for our clients and set them free.

Our Process

Generally speaking, at some point in time, all projects are ready to be supervised and maintained by a dedicated team – International or Domestic. As part of our philosophy, we believe that building a specific team for our clients is an important part of our work process and work ethic.

These are the 3 key steps to building your dream team:


Search for Talent

We will find the right people for the job based on skills, project requirements, and budget. Our search is global, we recruit both domestically and internationally, and have years of experience working with developers from all around the globe.


Recruit the Best

We put our candidates through a series of individual tests and make sure we hire the best of the best. Let us be very clear about something – we don’t care about academic education or anything else for that matter – we hire people based on skill level and experience only.


Build a Dream Team

Our goal is to find talented and awesome individuals that will work together as YOUR team and provide the highest level of support, maintenance, and development.

Other Services

Cloud Based Project Development
with / without IoT

Have you ever needed hardware to communicate with software but they just didn’t play nice together? Yeah…that happens.

Internet of Things devices have sensors and software that enable the gathering and exchange of data via the internet – IoT objects can be controlled remotely to allow direct integration with computer systems, resulting in improved efficiency for users.

However, you really need to know what the heck you’re doing to make this voodoo work – luckily, we do.

SasS Applications & System Maintenance

We are specializing in creating unique and innovative Software as a Service systems for our clients – our solutions are personalized, customizable and easily integrate with on-premiss existing software.

We create both Vertical and Horizontal SasS systems, making out solutions suitable for both specific industries and focused software category industries.

Simply said – we’ll build you exactly what you need without messing up what you already have (and afterward, we’ll even do the maintenance for you).

Case Studies

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